ESCJERPS is published by Enugu State College of Education Technical, Enugu State, Nigeria.

The journal is geared to disseminating research outputs of academics in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. The peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal aims at promoting scholarship in all area of educational research and policy studies. Contributions should report discursive article, empirical investigations and position paper.

Authors interested in publishing articles in the ECEJERPS are encouraged to submit their manuscripts electronically by e-mail attachment to the Editor. The Journal publications shall be both online and off-line. Publication shall be regular and special.
1. ESCJERPS Regular Publication: This shall be published twice in a year: January- June and July-December. Unlike special publication, authors shall pay publication fees for Regular publication.
2. ESCJERPS Special publication: This shall be published once in a year or once in two years. Special publications shall be sponsored publications. Unlike Regular Publications, authors shall not pay publication fees for special Publication.
Information regarding publication shall be sent to Any other information about the journal, other than publication shall sent to either